Voting System

Wakulla County uses the AccuVote-OS and the AccuVote-TSX.

Step 1

  • Sign in at the polls.
  • You will receive your ballot card(s) and a secrecy folder to allow you to return your ballot in privacy.

Step 2

  • Use only the pen provided by the pollworker to mark your ballot.
  • Mark the balllot by filling in the oval next to each of your selections.
  • Vote only one ballot card at a time.
  • Remember to check both sides of the ballot.
  • Do not vote for more than the number of candidates to be elected for each office.
  • If you make a mistake, do not try to correct it. Return the ballot to a poll worker and request another ballot. Any voter who spoils his or her ballot or makes an error may return the ballot to the poll worker and secure another ballot, except that in no case shall a voter be furnished more than three ballots.

Step 3

  • After you made your selections, check your ballot. Make sure the ovals are filled in completely.
  • When finished, place your ballot card(s), in the secrecy folder so that the ballot will be deposited in the tabulator without exposing your choices.

The AccuVote-TSX system eliminates the need for poll workers to facilitate Ballot distribution for voting. The simple insertion of a pre-programmed Voter Card enables voters to view and cast their ballots by simply touching the large 15 inch touch screen. Please view links below for inforamtion on both the AccuVote OS and the AccuVote TSX voting systems.

For more information feel free to read the AccuVote OS pamphlet and the Accuvote TSX pamphlet.